We welcome interviews and comments via email. Please note, we do not accept commissions or requests for sale of our work.

Email: mcmillangage ‘at’ live ‘dot’ com



4 responses to “Contact

  1. Amanda P. Baker-Burke

    Hello from across the pond! I wanted to applaud your breathtaking work! I especially have fallen in love with “Harpy Triptych,” and am enthusiastically awaiting the opportunity to see what your team will manifest next. I understand that you have made the choice not to make for-sale prints available at this time; however, because making it to see a live display of your work would be quite a jog, I must inquire if you have future plans for fans to be able to bring your art a little closer to home.
    Thank you for your time and your beautiful art,
    Amanda P. Baker-Burke

    • We don’t plan to travel in the near future if that’s what you are asking. However we might have some smaller artwork available for sale soon. We’ll advertise their sales here and on our facebook page.
      Thanks Amanda! It’s a pleasure sharing our work with the world.
      ~Mark Gage

  2. Gary Mannis

    i Question
    “?why can i person do this & other can’t”

    this was the thought that took hold, when i sighted your art work, yet again a thought can manifest the power in the universe, for your work is not developed on the earths circumfrence you must be tapping into worlds unknown that give you the guidance, guidance that you are devoted in giving your all, i would like you to give it a great deal of thought to the proverb i could offer a suggestion open your art work at the footpath, stand before it and switch off all sound of the hustle & bustle around you, give it a long as you can place the proverb on your mind, register the first thoughts as messages, i would be very curios to hear what those thoughts were;

    • Hi Mannis, I remember you and your question.
      It’s a question asked by theologians, philosophers and thinkers since the dawn of civilisation and never succinctly answered. The source of inspiration is often attributed to forces outside of human conception – I will not dismiss this idea.
      I will add that it’s also a fundamental aspect of being human: of what makes us live, strive to survive, justifies our existence in the Cosmos. Without this “want” to express ourselves we would not have the great pleasures we enjoy today like music, poetry, theatre, art etc. if people do not or cannot create art they’re certainly capable of acknowledging it– which in my opinion is equal to being able to create art.

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